I have over 5 years of experience working in digital marketing agencies. I have been helping business owners, agencies and marketers to attract their ideal customer and grow their business.

Let’s share the knowledge and start attracting the perfect customer.

Denis Devcic holding lecture in Degordian

Passion & energy

I’ve seen some great lecture contents, but the speaker wasn’t on par with it. The energy and passion you bring to the stage is just as important as the quality of your content.

Custom made content

Two things are always changing: digital marketing scene & the audience. That’s why I always keep the content fresh and highly relevant to the listeners.

Real life examples & case studies

All the knowledge in the world doesn’t matter if you don’t have results to show for it. Don’t just say, show it!

Denis Devcic teaching about digital marketing in Sheraton

Interesting topics

I cover a wide range of lecturing topics. From psychology to some more techinical themes.

I'm an expert in the areas such as: SEO, CRO, content marketing, finding the right customer (user intent & user journey), implementing digital marketing strategies and frameworks.

Live events & webinars

I prefer the live events, as you can really touch the audience. But, modern times require modern solutions. Webinars and online lectures are often more practical.

However, I remain flexible, as the types of lectures are just the means to an end. The content and enthusiasm are much more important than the medium for its delivery.

Denis Devcic lecturer for Detangled workshop in Degordian, Zagreb
Denis Devcic teaching about ecommerce - Detangled lecture, Degordian

All your questions answered

How to find the right customer? How to build a brand so that the customers are naturally drawn to you? How do you get the customers to buy more and recommend you to their friends?

At my events, I share the exact strategies used with my clients to grow their online business.

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