Designing CRO process

We can’t simply do testing and improvements on the go. The long-term plan needs to be in place. We need to think about specific pages and elements throughout. First, they need to be aligned with business objectives.

But before making the changes, take two things into account. The resources needed and the significance of the impact. Once everything is planned out ahead, the optimization process can begin.

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Improving various elements on the website

Have you thought of providing the testimonials to your website visitors? They actually do work, as they are a form of social proof. Have you thought of making the “CALL ME NOW” button stand out more? That works as well, as it’s one of the UX laws.

There’s a whole set of various improvements to be made, and they all count. Together, they can make a significant impact on the increase of the conversion rate.

Running A/B tests and measurement

We are lucky to have so many tools at our disposal. Unfortunately, a lot of people still don’t measure the right things. Or test things solely for the sake of testing.

It’s important to test the right things. Things that can make a significant impact on the results. Also, studying the relevant measurements. Humans are victims of many biases, so a studious and systematic approach is needed.

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Improving website copy & UX

How to make your sales pitch more effective? By using a clear message, emotions, value proposition, and other elements in the text... People remember the message for longer and are more susceptible to be affected. Using these elements makes people feel safe. It also removes uncertainties and doubts your prospects have moments before purchasing.

Using psychology & analyzing user behavior

Human beings are imperfect. We tend to trust people who we like more. We are desperate to own an item if we think its supply is limited. We blindly listen to the authority figures. We believe people if they say something about a product we are considering buying. We trust them even when we don’t know them. All these failures of human rationality can be used on a website as well.

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