Helping Ambitious Entrepreneurs In Conquering Online Sales

Want to sell more of your products or services online? I can help you build a powerful brand and achieve online presence.

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I’ll help you build your business

I’m Denis Devcic and my expertise is building businesses online. Through lead generation, increasing sales, and becoming an authority in your niche.

When customers think of your industry - they should be thinking of you. Did you achieve that yet? No? Don’t worry, you can do it! Even with a small or medium budget. I’m here to help you get started.

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Focus on the services which provide the best results

We need to achieve sustainable and healthy website traffic. It should come from our target demographic. First, we need to reach interested prospects. Then, we want to turn them to customers and develop a relationship with them. After that, they’re yours for life.

Loyal customers buy more and recommend you to their friends. I can help you develop and implement the strategy to get loyal customers. Customers that will make your business prosper.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Permanent boost to your website traffic. First, we need to do a keyword research to find out what terms your customers use to find your competitors. Then we use those keywords on your website in a strategic way.

Content marketing

You’re great in what you do? I believe you, but others might need convincing. Show the people you’re the expert by writing about all those topics. You’ll also get a nice boost in traffic.

Digital marketing: SEO, CRO, Content marketing and Business digitalization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

You got the traffic - good. But now we need to turn the prospects into your friends (and customers). Here we use analysis, psychology and testing. The purpose is to diagnose a problem and increase the number of customers.

Business digitalization

You want to move your business online, but you have a lot of questions? I’m here to guide you. Whether it’s about website redesign or setting up the web from scratch. I can help you do the research, setup and coordination.

What my clients have to say about me

Spoiler: It’s all praise, you better believe it!

After changing a lot of marketers and web developers, I finally came across Denis. I have been using his services for more than 2 years. Now he is in charge of the whole digital marketing and working on multiple projects. I couldn’t be happier.

- Kruno Flegar, Hausmajstor

We were in the middle of a website redesign when we met Denis. We were so lucky to have met him. Because unknown to us at the time, if the website had gone live, we would have lost more than 90% of our traffic. After helping us with the website redesign, he has been helping us with content marketing and SEO. He replies fast and is very reliable.

- Andrea Situm, Naturala

We have hired Denis to help us set up our website and form our online presence. He has done a tremendous job in building and growing our brand.

- Filip Pejanovic, Barcode Mitra

I needed help with getting my work out there and getting recognition of the US and other foreign markets. He set up the whole website and coordinated all the digital marketing activities.

- Irena Kosovic, Irena Sophia Art

Speaking and lecturing

I have over 5 years of experience working in digital marketing agencies. I've been helping business owners, agencies and marketers to attract their ideal customer and grow their business.

Let’s share the knowledge and start attracting the perfect customer.

Passionate & energetic

Fresh & custom made content

Real-life examples & case studies

Denis Devcic lecturer for Detangled workshop in Degordian, Zagreb

Blog posts & case studies

Do you want to grow your online business? Or do you need help getting started online? Here you can find all the advice, guides and walkthroughs about SEO, CRO and content marketing. Learn from my successes and failures both. What works and what doesn’t work is highlighted through unique case studies. Check out specific and actionable tips in the blog section.

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