Establishing a goal for the blog

Is the goal of the blog raising brand awareness or selling? Or maybe something in between. The topics of the blog can vary a lot depending on the business objective. Mapping out a framework for the blog is the first step of content strategy.

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Content marketing strategy

The content you produce should be a part of a larger framework. Each piece of content should have its purpose. Used with other pieces of content, it should connect into a larger picture. To get there, we need to do the keyword research, competitor analysis and other tactics. I can produce a specific and actionable strategy for acquiring traffic that converts.

Topic ideation based on keyword research, user intent & competitors

Some people want to buy and some are at most looking for some information. Actually, 90% of people are just looking for information. That's the reason why we don’t want to push the product to people who don’t want to buy it. Instead, we should provide them with valuable information and help them.

But we should also have a long-term plan in place as well.

At some point, those people could look for a more specific piece of information. After establishing familiarity and trust, they are ready to buy. When that happens, we will greet them with open arms. The user intent and the stage of the customer's journey varies. That's why we should have numerous different content pieces in place.

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